Junput vacation in west bengal

Published: 01st August 2009
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Located in the Eastern part of India, West Bengal is a state, which is considered as a tourist haven, especially for its breathtaking coastal beauty. Located on the coast of Bay of Bengal, West Bengal boasts of several beaches that attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. The Eastern part of Medinipur district is the queen of coastal beauty in West Bengal. The district houses several small and big beach resorts, which include Digha and Shankarpur, two of the most visited tourist spots in entire Eastern part of the country. Another small area in the district, which is fast developing into travel destination, is Junput. As Digha and Shankarpur are getting more and more congested due to growth of hotel industry, people are preferring trips to Junput, where the nature is more serene, the atmosphere is more calm and the sea is less wild. For people who prefer staying in places that are far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and where nature is more serene, Junput is an ideal place to go.

The scenic beauty of Junput is almost same as that in Digha and Shankarpur. You will find rows of casuarinas trees that create a wonderful backdrop during the sunset in the Western sky. As the beach is less crowdy compared to the other popular resorts, one will surely enjoy a romantic stroll through the soft golden sandy surface of Junput and the refreshing sea breeze, which blows throughout the day. Sea in Junput is not as 'wild' as that in Digha and Shankarpur and that's why is an ideal place to opt for sweeping. One may also enjoy his/her time relaxing on the beach and taking sunbath.

Junput always had the potential to enjoy the status of a beautiful beach resorts but surprisingly its development was overlooked by the government after the independence. That's why the accommodation facility in Junput is still not much developed. There are very hotels and resorts in Junput where you can stay overnight. So its better to stay at Digha or Shankarpur and visit Junput for a few hours. Junput is just 40 kilometers away from Digha and is quite well-connected by frequent bus service. Buses for Junput are available regularly from Digha bus terminus, so getting one should not be a problem. For reaching Junput from Kolkata one may take the Digha-bound bus and get down at Contai.

There is not much to see in and around Junput, except the duck breeding farm and the Center for Study in Oceanic Biology. Originally a small fishing village, Junput has turned into a center for brackish fish cultivation and is the place where research on fishes is carried on by West Bengal fisheries department. That's good for the food lovers as there is ample opportunity to try delicious seafoods like lobsters and pomfrets that are available at a cheap rate in the local dhabas.

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